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Wondering what you need to have your taxes prepared?                                            
Depending on your situation, you'll need a variety of documents. Here are some common items below that you might need. You must provide these documents every year.

Identification Documents (Required):
Copy of your Drivers License, Passport or State issued ID Card
Your Social Security card (SSN) and SSNs or ITINs cards for spouse and all dependents (if any)
Your birth date and birth date for spouse and dependents (you do NOT have to bring your birth certificate)

Last years tax returns (new clients only)
Income source documents (Only if they apply to you):
W-2 - wages and salary
W-2G - gambling winnings

Form 1099-R - retirement income
Form 1099-INT - interest
Form 1099-DIV - dividends
Form 1099-MISC - miscellaneous income, including self-employment
Form 1099-G - government payments
Form 1099-SA - MSA or HSA distributions
Form 1099-B - broker or barter exchanges
Form SSA-1099 - Social Security benefits
Form RRB-1099 - railroad retirement
Schedule K-1 - partnership income or loss

Documents that reflect items you might have paid during the year:
Form 1098 - mortgage interest
Form 1098-E - student loan interest
Form 1098-T - tuition

Records and/or receipts for:
Charitable donations
Contributions to retirement plans
Healthcare expenses
Tuition or fees paid for education for you, spouse, or dependents
Retirement account rollovers
Child care and dependent care expenses, including the employer identification number (EIN) or SSN and address of the care provider


Self-employment income and expenses, including:
Form 1099-NEC, MISC, and/or K
Business Income And Expense Spreadsheet or Profit And Loss 
Home-office expenses

Health-insurance premiums paid
Retirement Contributions
Rental Property Revenue and Expense Spreadsheet or Profit And Loss
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